8 Biggest Beauty Trends Of 2020

Posted On: 2020-10-08

This year has been huge for skincare. We all learned to focus on making our skin the best it’s ever been instead of trying to cover it with thick layers of foundation and powder. We bought all the Korean face masks and 12 step programs to make us glow from within, we discovered the magic of retinol and found out that CBD oil can, in fact, be added to everything. We learned about the importance of oil for our skin and how to massage away the puffiness and smooth out the wrinkles with jade face rollers. But as one year ends another begins and we’re sure there’s still a lot for us to learn about beauty and skincare. So here are the beauty trends we predict will be huge in 2020.

1. Euphoria Makeup

Everyone has probably seen the show Euphoria by now and has been inspired by the makeup choices. We’re already seeing people experiment with makeup more than ever, but this show definitely pushed a whole bunch of people to try out something new and exciting and we think that trend will only grow in 2020.

2. Creative Lashes

If runways are anything to go buy we’re going to see more dramatic and creative lashes everywhere. So stock up for parties and fancy dress events. Lashes will be the way to make a statement this year.

3. Power Jaw

Everybody wants a chiseled jawline and there’s a special product on the market just for that. You don’t need cosmetic surgery, you can just get a special kind of filler now that will make your jaw game strong and model-like.

4. Functional Fragrance

We live in a very visual world and sometimes we forget that smells can actually influence us on an instinctual level. We’re used to perfume that makes us feel powerful, we’ve heard of perfume with pheromones, but it looks like 2020 is going to be a year where scents get all scientific and we find out what smells can influence our health or help us focus.

5. Microbiome

We’re slowly learning and accepting that bacteria and microorganisms aren’t all bad and we shouldn’t, in fact, scrub and disinfect our skin all the time. Instead, 2020 will probably be the year we learn how to balance the PH level of our skin and feed the good bacteria so that our skin can look good without makeup. Microbiome focused skincare products are probably going to be the key factor in that.

6. Mismatched Eye Makeup

We’ve all tried to switch out the laces in our shoes, we’ve played around with wearing different colored Converse shoes. We love mismatched earrings and most of us have had a wildly different manicure on each of our hands. We’re loving the contrast and we love that we don’t have to choose and can have both. Pretty sure 2020 will be the year we start doing that with eye makeup on a big scale.

7. Acupressure At Home

The acupressure mat will replace the neck/back massager in 2020. It’s all the benefits of acupuncture without having to go outside or have a stranger stick tiny needles in you. People have been embracing acupressure mats as the at-home solution for back pain and neck strains we all have from sitting at our laptops and staring at our phones too much.

8. Wellness Gone Digital

The cost of healthcare is crazy in some countries and we as a society are now way more likely to just get an app to help us out rather than go and look for it in a hospital. Is that good? We’re not sure. But at least there are now apps that can help you exercise, meditate, do yoga, and even apps that connect you with therapists. And we only expect that trend to grow in 2020.