11 Creepy and Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try This Year

Posted On: 2020-10-09

One of the best parts about Halloween is dressing up for the occasion. With the amazing looks you can now accomplish with cosmetics, integrating makeup into Halloween has become one of the most anticipated aspects of the holiday. From fun, cute designs to seriously creepy creations, there is plenty of Halloween makeup inspiration around the web. Here are some of the 11 best creepy and cool Halloween makeup ideas to try this year.

Oompa Loompa

What better way to kick off Halloween than with a Willy Wonka inspired look? Green eyeshadow with yellow outer rims, orange skin, white eyebrows and a nude lips pull this look together.

Creepy roaring twenties

Razor thin brows, faded black eyeshadow, and a dark lip will take your right back to the fun and flirty, roaring twenties with this gorgeous, but eerie flapper style.

Flirty mermaid

This look is straight out of a movie, complete with a seashell crown and starfish. A fusion of blues, pinks and purples create this magically beautiful look.

The Joker

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without Gotham’s infamous villain, who we all hate to love. To achieve this look, you’ll need a green, maximum volume wig, dramatized smoky eye and elongated lips for that creepy but classic Joker smile.

Mad Hatter

If you prefer fun and quirky over scary, The Mad Hatter is the perfect oddly gorgeous look for you. This is a look you can have creative freedom with. Just add in a big, silly hat of your choice and bright, tangerine hair to pull off this style.

Crazy clown

To really kick up the creepy this Halloween, this crazy, killer clown look will definitely raise the hairs on your neck. Liquid latex and fake blood will achieve this look, and might just send your friends into a real fright.

I Love Lucy

Embody the 1950’s as everyone’s favorite throwback sitcom star Lucille Ball—complete with autumn red hair dye or wig, bold red lip and daringly long lashes. This is the perfect classy, regal Halloween look.

Pop Art Marilyn

There are plenty of Marilyn Monroe looks to go with, but pop art Marilyn might just be the coolest, creepiest by a long shot. Over exaggerated contours of the face and the signature bold red lip are a must for this look.

Skull face

This amazingly hyper-realistic look calls for some serious skills, but is accomplishable with a little white and black makeup and a whole lot of imagination.

Human Mosaic

By far one of the most simple but creative looks. This mosaic look requires just a few colorful magazine cut-outs. Arrange the cut-outs in gradients of whatever color you decide, and pair with a winged or cat eye and lusciously dark lip shade for the perfect Halloween look.

Lunar Eclipse

Light up your face like the night sky with this interstellar look. For this idea, draw the phases of the moon around your neck or collar bone, and pair with a matte black lip and cat eye.